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Wilton Perfect Results Ceramic Pizza Stone, 15-Inch - Ceramic Baking Stone


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Shipping weight 3.207 kg
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Ceramic pizza stone keeps foods crisp by absorbing moisture Chrome lifting rack included Pizza stone dimensions: 15 in. dia. (38.1 cm diam) Limited 1-year warranty Let stone cool completely before washing; hand wash in warm water for best results, do not use soap

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Ceramic pizza stone keeps foods crisp by absorbing moisture

Chrome lifting rack included

Pizza stone dimensions: 15 in. dia. (38.1 cm diam)

Limited 1-year warranty

Let stone cool completely before washing; hand wash in warm water for best results, do not use soap

Product Dimensions6.5 x 6.5 x 2 inches; 3.04 ounces
Shipping Weight5.9 pounds
UPC885325311914 702916056750 885913842028 716080068792 223391734044 798762694741 045473137563 070896642448 885241976525 077348806427 797106624109 778295257132 885711901705 074994547261 782195398123 078433298219 885391002846
Item model number2105-0244
The rating and comments
Preheat Your Stone While Preheating Your Oven
By Belinda G. on October 16, 2015
Want pizza with a nice, crisp crust? Use this Wilton ceramic pizza baking stone. The porous surface absorbs moisture so there's no more soggy crusts! It heats evenly and keeps food warmer longer when serving. This ceramic pizza stone also comes with a heavy-duty chrome rack for easy lifting in and out of the oven.
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You get what you pay for
By Crom'sGirl on July 19, 2014
I read multiple reviews that stated that their pizza stones cracked. I have not had any of those types of issues with ours. I will say that I do not recommend heating your oven to 400 and then putting the stone in. I always put my stone in the oven during the preheat stage and then just slide out the rack and place my pizza on it when the oven is heated. I think the sudden temp change is probably the reason for them cracking.
I think this is a good stone, a little on the heavy side and after only one use it left the stone discolored which doesn't make it bad just an eye sore. I'm including a picture taken after first use. This is after cleaned and dried. It's quite large so make sure you have storage room for it!
If you found my review helpful - please click helpful found below my review and if you have questions I did not answer feel free to leave a comment or go to my profile and email me. Thank you!!
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I thought heating somewhat slow and leaving in the oven would be good enough, but any sort of thermal gradient and ...
By Wyatt Dufrane on October 09, 2014
My previous stone lasted decades. This one broke the second time we used it. We didn't do anything we shouldn't with the stone, it was never wet, never subjected to drastic temperature changes. I am very familiar with using a pizza stone, and I know what to do and not to do. But the second time we went to make pizzas on it, a huge chunk of stone broke off. I am very disappointed and wish I could get a replacement or my money back. For only being able to use it once, it was definitely NOT worth the price.
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Decent but doesn't last.
By Chris on January 24, 2015
Broke into several pieces in my pizza oven within minutes. I thought heating somewhat slow and leaving in the oven would be good enough, but any sort of thermal gradient and this thing is toast. Not high quality material, I did not have this problem with my previous cooking stone that broke during cleaning. Might work for you a few times under the best of conditions, but it shattered immediately for me. Wish I would have listened to the other reviewers :-\
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A must have for that PERFECT pizza.
By Jwderos on February 27, 2018
I just had the second one break. No, it was never washed or subject to moisture. It's remained in the oven and covered with aluminum foil when not in use and was seasoned when it first arrived ensuring any moisture picked up during shipping was removed.

The first time I assumed I may have had a bad stone. The second time I watched the stone crack about 5 minutes into the cooking process after being preheated for 40 minutes. The stone had been used 8-10 times. I checked the temperature of the stone with an iR thermometer and had a reading of 536 F, which what I expect when I set the oven to 550 F. It's entirely possible that this stone is not designed to handle these temperatures, I haven't found any place that listed a safe temperature, if someone has it and can provide it to others that may be helpful.

Each time I cooked on the stone it worked great, but this product doesn't appear to be designed to last with high temperatures or semi-frequent use (1-2 times per week). For the price, it may be worthwhile, but if you have some extra dough to spend (yea, I said that) purchase a FibraMent. It's 5 times more expensive, but it's a much more durable stone and is made of different composite materials (and includes a 10 year warranty).

Here's the best use of this stone:

Make sure the stone is fully preheated as hot as safely possible. Unfortunately I can't say what the safe temperature of this stone is. If not, you'll have dough that sticks to the stone and you won't develop actual crust. Also, the dough won't cook all the way through and it will have a doughy texture.

Make sure your dough has come to room temperature so you can properly lay/roll it out, otherwise it will shrink up and will be a nightmare to handle.

Place the dough on a pizza peel if you can get/have one, put a generous amount of corn meal on the peel first. Note, CORN meal, not flour or corn starch. If you don't have a peel or are having issues with the pizza sticking to the peel, or are generally unable to slide the pizza off the peel and onto the stone without half of the toppings going all over the oven, prepare it on parchment paper instead. Trim any extra parchment paper from around the pizza (leave an inch or so so you can grab it). Then, slide the pizza (still on the parchment paper) onto the stone. After 3 minutes, open the oven and pull out the parchment paper from under the pizza, this is where the pizza peel can really help.

Depending on what temperature you're cooking at, the pizza should take 7-12 minutes. I usually left mine in for 8 minutes.
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Broke after 5 uses.
By Lisa S on February 23, 2014
Works GREAT for a perfect crisp pizza CRUST everytime...Season the stone first before the first use and the stone will cook a perfect crust. To season the stone rub in vegetable or canola oil on the entire stone using a clean cloth or paper towel. Heat your oven to about 450 degrees with the stone in it for about 20 to 30 minutes then turn off and let cool. REPEAT 1 or 2 more times always rubbing fresh oil each time. Never put a cold stone in a hot OVEN always preheat together. The stone will darken more and more each time you use it.
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Very Disappointing
By JAY H. on May 21, 2017
I only used this about 5 times and it broke into 3 pieces while in the oven. I am going to try to get my money back and buy something else.
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Regretting purchase after single use....
By Brendan D. Sinclair on December 16, 2016
Very Disappointing.

Pizza stones are great for making pizza! So, of course this product worked well for the few pizza nights we had in our household.

BUT, it cracks! I preheat the oven with the stone in it so the stone gradually gets to temperature. But, it cracked while cooking a pizza...TWICE. It cracked the first time during our Christmas Eve party and then cracked again last night during family pizza night.

So, i would NOT recommend buying this one. Keep searching...there are many out there that are just a few dollars more and come with guaranteed satisfaction.
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Pizza Stones make the BEST homemade pizza!
By LuckyFeather on March 03, 2016
I have gotten into making bread and pizza. So much so I got a stand mixer. I have perfected my own sauce and dough recipe. So much so that it receives high praise from the wife and two daughters. All of whom have a rather discerning pizza pallette. I have made several deep dish pizzas using my Lodge cast iron skillet. Lodge L10SK3ASHH41B Cast Iron Skillet, Pre-Seasoned, 12-inch Why limit ourselves to 12 inch pizzas? I thought this would be a good idea. Wrong. First, dough stuck HORRIBLY to the stone. Two, the crust was no where near as crisp and flaky (mind you I made two pizzas, one on this stone and one deep dish, tonight using the same exact batch of dough) as my deep dish, and third it appears to be a chore to clean. Although an inch less this 14 inch cast iron pizza pan looks like a far superior option. California Home Goods Cast Iron Pizza Pan, 14-inch, Pre-Seasoned Round Oven Griddle
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