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When your order have not arrived or got lost after 30 days

10-05-2016 at 14:26:08 PM
If the order have not arrived or got lost in the shipment (no matter why), hope you can forgive and cooperate with us to protect your interests. We will give the solution and compensate you for the problems.

If you did not receive the order after 30 days (from the payment day), and the fault was not came from the seller (e.g. transfer the product late, not enough, wrong address, etc.) but came from when we ship the order. We will take the responsibilities to compensate you for the following items:

- The customer can buy the any product again and do not pay any additional fees;

- Or you can receive the total value of the missing order;

- Besides that, you will be supported the fee $5 for wasting your time and affected to your business.

We hope you will please to cooperate with to solve the problem. always want to protect your interests in the best way!!!

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