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Cuisinart AMB-14PP Chef's Classic Nonstick Bakeware 14-Inch Pizza Pan


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14-inch pizza pan with perforated surface for crisping crust Heavy gauge aluminized steel construction for even heating Nonstick interior and exterior for easy food release and cleanup Thick rolled edges to prevent warping Dishwasher-safe; lifetime limited warranty

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14-inch pizza pan with perforated surface for crisping crust

Heavy gauge aluminized steel construction for even heating

Nonstick interior and exterior for easy food release and cleanup

Thick rolled edges to prevent warping

Dishwasher-safe; lifetime limited warranty

Product Dimensions15 x 14.4 x 1 inches; 1.14 pounds
Shipping Weight1.7 pounds
UPC716080031536 885485030113 641134420724 078433253713 885777070384 885529034145 671213518820 885557583127 887661285713 885458540571 885408538115 885304079965 885918606175 086279005168 885595602101 801881977678 074994504646
Item model numberAMB-14PP
The rating and comments
Awesome pans for NY style pizza!
By B Derringer on June 30, 2018
Cuisinart Chef's Classic Non-Stick Bakeware is ideal for today's cooks. The full line is constructed of heavy gauge aluminized steel to provide even heat distribution and consistent baking results. The nonstick interior and exterior ensure easy food release and cleanup, and extra-thick rolled edges prevent warping. The entire line is dishwasher safe. Cuisinart quality promises you a lifetime of great performance, whatever the baking task!
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Great for the single person with supermarket pizzas
By Tolstoy143 on August 18, 2017
These are badass! I got tired of paying $17+ for a decent pizza and found an awesome recipe for NY style pizza and sauce online. The recipe (made from scratch dough) calls for the pizza to be placed on the bottom rack @ 500 degrees (yes 500 degrees) for about 8 min and then to take the pizza off the pan and place directly on the oven rack for the final two minutes to crisp up the bottom of the crust. Hassle to say the least with regular pizza pans. These bad boys allow me to just cook the pizza on the pan and with the large holes it automatically lets the bottom crisp up without having to move! Oh yeah. Word to the wise; I saw a review where the person tried to slice the pizza directly on the pan and slammed the product. He should have slammed his head in a doorway cause these awesome pans have a non-stick surface and are NOT meant for you to slice pizza or anything else on it. Why? Because it's a NON STICK SURFACE! And it will scratch the pan! When your pizza is finished slide it off the pan and onto a cutting board or pizza stone and THEN cut it. Not difficult; it's non stick. One other knowledge nugget--let the pan cool BEFORE rinsing in the sink! These are extremely thick pans but they will warp if you do that due to the quick extreme temperature change. OK, time to make another pie and have a beer! PS If you want the recipe for the crust and pizza sauce, just message me. It really is good.
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Cuisinart never fails
By Kindle Customer on December 17, 2017
It is big enough for store bought pizzas. It is about the size of a Dominos medium pizza, and may be too small for a large bake at home pizza from a local pizzeria.

Since I tend to buy my pizzas at the supermarket this works well for me, and is easy to clean. The holes on the pan also help the crust crisp properly, so overall I am very happy with it.

However those with larger families that buy from local take-n-bake shops may want to look elsewhere.
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By TE5LA on August 26, 2018
I've been using this pan for several months now. My crusts consistently come out nice and crispy. Very easy cleanup due to the finish. It hasn't scratched yet, and is a nice, solid weight with a flat bottom. I can see I'll be baking pizza in this pan for many years yet! You just can't go wrong with Cuisinart. Also, in response to complaints I have read about pizza dough sagging through the holes in this pan, simply make sure your dough isn't too wet. I roll my dough out in plenty of flour before placing it in the pan for its final rise, and my dough doesn't sag through and my crusts turn out great.
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By C. Most on March 08, 2013
Who would use such a Click-Bait headline to get you here? I would!

Seriously, it does have holes and they are great. Many frozen pizzas instruct you to place directly on the oven rack. This is usually fine unless your oven racks have a lot of space between and one edge of the pizza that is frozen stiff happens to be hanging over a gap and once it thaws begins sagging. It is also a bit trickier to remove these pizzas from a 425 degree oven. This pan allows the best of both worlds: A large pan than holds the pizza and keeps the oven clean and something to grip and remove easily while allowing the crust to brown as it would on an open rack. Brilliant!

I give it FIVE HOLES! I mean "Stars".
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Bakes to perfection!
By shopwise on August 31, 2017
We had a pizza stone which cracked on the bottom of our oven. When we moved we didn't want to bother taking the broken shards with us so we pitched it and decided to search for a new pizza stone. They tend to get really expensive and we didn't want to end up with another broken stone so we figured we could give this pan a try.

Eh. Unlike the pizza stone it will never crack, but the crust just isn't as crispy and the cooking time went from 5-7 minutes to 20. It's a decent enough interim solution but I'm not in love with it. Five stars on the nonstick surface though, that preforms like a champ.
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Homemade dough rises underneath through holes
By Miss Sue on June 17, 2018
This is nice heavy gauge steel pizza pan. Too large for a toaster oven, but fits perfectly in the oven. It will bake a 14" pizza, bake garlic bread, and anything else that you would want to have slightly browned on the bottom, like to top. Truly non stick. This pan does not require soap or scrubbing. Just rinse and let air dry or wipe dry. Bakes to perfection!
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Great Purchase
By James on July 16, 2015
Big problem is that homemade dough will continue to rise while being topped, so it goes through the holes and sticks to counter, in as short a time as 5 minutes. Obviously, even after cleaning the bottom [NOT easy with loaded but raw pizza on top], the pan cannot go in the over or it would bake stuck to the oven rack. So you end up putting another, larger pizza pan underneath. So why not just use THAT pan and skip this one?? If you use it only for frozen dough already topped and ready to bake, pan should be fine. But if you make your own dough, beware. Or work REALLY fast...Oops.
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For a Perfect Crust
By Wathan48 on November 01, 2017
I received these pans just two days ago. My experience so far has been extremely positive! Honestly, the crust of my pizza has never been this good. I haven't had the pans long enough to experience any sort of extreme wear but they clean up easy and are definitely non-stick. We're considering purchasing 2 more!

I have used a variety of cooking mediums for my pizza and this has been the best experience. The small holes in the pan give the bottom of the pie an incredibly even, crispy deliciousness that I have only experienced in a few of my favorite wood-fired pizza places.
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