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1. Why I can not add the products to cart?
2. Pay 100% price after tax with total price of order, what’s the different?
3. Can pay by credit card ( Visa, Mastercard ) or not?

Currently, Fado supports payment via bank transfer via Internet Banking, ATM or bank directly to payers. Not support payment via Visa, Master Card.

4. See the status product arrived so when can get the product?

Product arrived Cambodia, will be concentrated in Phnom Penh city, after checking and comparing the order, the products will be circulated delivery to customers.

  • Receive address in PP: 1-3 business days
  • Receive address at Province: 3-5 business days
5. Send VAT invoice with goods to me?

Fado168 does not output VAT invoice but output financial invoice (directly), this invoice is kind of normal purchasing invoice, (can be used in the tax declaration, but no refund function).

The time for output invoice after arrived Cambodia, customers received goods and finished goods inspection, when no change order cost, please notify Fado168 to output invoice.

Please customer give us the information to output invoice as follows:

1/ Unit name to output invoice

2/ Company address

3/ Tax code

6. Fado168 offers the following forms of payment:

Fado cung cấp các hình thức thanh toán như sau:

Deposit 30% of product price after tax in US / Japan and 70% of the remaining product price and purchasing fee of Fado168 will pay when receive goods (COD).

Deposit 50% of product price after tax in US / Japan and 50% of the remaining product price and purchasing fee of Fado168 will pay when receive goods (COD).

Deposit 80% of product price after tax in US / Japan and 20% of the remaining product price and purchasing fee of Fado168 will pay when receive goods (COD).

Deposit 100% of product price after tax in US / Japan and purchasing fee of Fado168 will pay when receive goods (COD). )

Pay full of total order cost

7. Why on automatic quotation no surcharge but when creating order, it has surcharge?

This surcharge is the order charge and it is based on the minimum purchasing fee of 1 order. In case purchasing fee below 10$ then your order will add surcharge more to get 10$

For example: buy 2 products, total clearance fee 3$ + total shipping fee 4$ equal 7$ so this surcharge will be 3$.

8. After I received product but detect the product is wrong not the same the product in order that has ordered or defected (damaged), How to solve it?

Fado168 help to purchase product, will represent client to work with the seller. Please send feedback of the product status received to mailbox: [email protected], with the information consist:

  • Order code
  • Product Status error / wrong
  • Snapshot represent the error / wrong goods
  • Snapshot cargo shell has the information ship goods from US / Japan.

After fado168 received all information, will proceed to work with the seller and early feedback to you as soon as possible.

9. I want to post products for sale on or

Fado168 still has no permissed for individuals or classified business to post product for sale on Fado168 is an intermediary to connect with website: (USA), set e-commerce store for sale on Please contact the following information for detail guiding: - [email protected]
- 0885996168

10. Does fado168 has delivery to the other province? How to deliver?

After product arrived Cambodia, fado168 will deliver nationwide. Nowaday fado168 has free delivery in Phnom Penh city. For delivery fee to other province is vary according to province/ city in country.

Delivery fee of fado168 will be shown in order after you created order has filled address to receive product.

11. Order was approved, I want to cancel some items and add more other items, is it possible or not?

Fado168 will help you to change your order, please send us the email to [email protected] with content below:

  • Order code
  • Item need to cancel
  • Item need to add (with item link)

Fado168 will update your order and send the order via email to you for reference.

12.I choose to collect money at home, so when Fado168 deliver and collect money? Notify me the amount of money need to pay when receive the items.

Fado168 will collect deposit for order by using method to the customer address to receive payment, after product arrived Cambodia Fado168 will process delivery and collect the remaining money (if you choose prepayment 1 part). Please reference order status "Approved - Waiting for payment", the order show detail costs of your order.

13. Why I search some products see the package price in Cambodia, so which one is the right one?

 Products are sold on website: in US or Japan, products can be sold by many sellers so for each vendor will have a separate price. Please reference (price, product information, feedback from each purchaser ..) in order to evaluate objectively and select item the create order. Fado168 will check a reputable seller in your order to create and send a quote to you.

14. Fado168 has program to choose the entire payment will give discount code 5$ so why I paid the order already but still not received it?

Program give discount code 5$ will be sent to your email automatically after the order has status "Product arrived" Cambodia.

15. I buy the product from Amazon - Germany, is it possible? Why not see automatically quote? Please instruct me how to order.

Currently, has automatic quotation from Amazon US and Japan, for Amazon Germany and UK, please send us the product link then Fado168 will check and quote the total price of product for you.

Guiding send request for quotation: