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Heritage, Black Ceramic Pizza Stone 15" - Baking Stones for Oven, Grill & BBQ- Non Stain- with Free Pizza Cutter


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Package price in Cambodia $66.42
Price after tax in US $29.97
Shipping weight 3.479 kg
Clearance cost $4.95
Shipping cost to Cambodia $60.83
Discount $33.45
Surcharge $4.13
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🍕 FASTER: Pre-heats up to 2 times faster than other pizza stones. 🍕 CLEAN: Will not stain from grease or burn crust and washes to like new condition every time. 🍕 ODORLESS: does not smoke and will keep your pizza tasting great and home smelling good. 🍕 #1 REVIEWED: Most loved pizza and baking stone on Amazon. 🍕 DURABLE: Your pizza stone will not crack in the oven and guaranteed to last a lifetime or will replace it.

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🍕 FASTER: Pre-heats up to 2 times faster than other pizza stones.

🍕 CLEAN: Will not stain from grease or burn crust and washes to like new condition every time.

🍕 ODORLESS: does not smoke and will keep your pizza tasting great and home smelling good.

🍕 #1 REVIEWED: Most loved pizza and baking stone on Amazon.

🍕 DURABLE: Your pizza stone will not crack in the oven and guaranteed to last a lifetime or will replace it.

Item Weight3.15 pounds
Shipping Weight6.4 pounds
Item model numberNA
The rating and comments
Really nice product. Seems solid- more so than previous $20+ ...
By JeffO on December 30, 2015
The first time you take a bite of a pizza off of the Heritage stone
you may weep at the beauty of the moment, but you may be filled
with regret upon the realization of all the lesser pizza you have suffered through till now.

Though it may be burning the roof of your mouth, you will feel no pain,
for your mind and soul will be flying through the Tuscan country side.

While your friends devour their pizza they will look at you with a mixture of awe and horror,
suspecting you to be some kind of dark sorcerer.

Quickly calm them by telling them "Elon Musk invented it. It's the same material as the rockets."
They will vigorously nod and grunt acceptance as they keep chewing.

Words of Warning from our customers:

"If you are in the middle of a divorce please just buy a second stone.
It's not worth the heartache and legal fees to fight over it." - April Sanders

"Please do not tell your children during dinner
that if the pizza stone was your son
he would be your favorite." - Kathy Tecku

Happy Eating,
co-founder Mike Tecku
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perfect pizza even on first try- why didn't we get this years ago? Also great for bread, cakes etc.
By ReginaPhalange on August 17, 2016
Really nice product. Seems solid- more so than previous $20+ stones I've had in the past years. While those stones worked and were adequate at half the price of this stone, they also didn't have the finish and weight, thickness of this one. Eventually, they became heavily stained, not suitable for anything but pizzas due to retaining the oils and flavorings of pizza i.e., you really couldn't due other breads or cookies on them. They were much more susceptible to breaking with time.

Only used it once and the pizza dough and crust came out perfect- cooked through, moist and a crisp crust. All three diners agreed it tasted GREAT!
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Well Worth it!
By Seasalem on May 19, 2017
We like Italian style pizza's and bought this stone to make them here in the US. However, I'm sure you can use it to bake any type of pizzas that has your fancy! This pizza stone is fantastic! We had never baked our own pizza before, and our first try turned out fantastic. It was easy to do, and the pizza took us back to quick lunches in Rome and summery evenings in Venetian back alleys. We look forward to using it often and try out different types of toppings, sauces and cheeses.

- It arrived in a box with good packaging so that the stone was well protected during shipment.
- We have only used the stone once: I baked a bundt cake on it (takes 1 1/4 hour), and when it was nicely heated up, my fiancé used it to bake a pizza- our first ever!- from scratch. The pizza came out great! (see pic) We used a normal gas oven.
- The pizza was done exactly right: not too soft, not too crunchy, lovely crusts on the outside. It took less than 10 minutes!
- A pizza that covers the plate is big enough to feed two people who really like pizza (us), or three or more people who just fancy one or two big slices paired with a side salad.
(note that the bell pepper and the zucchini shown on the picture has been sitting in the oven for about 30-50 minutes before put on the pizza)
- The plate was super easy to clean, and it doesn't take up extra space as we can just keep it in the oven.
- We recommend getting a Pizza Peel (we got a 14x16 inch one, which is perfect for this stone!) to get the pizza on and off the stone. I don't see how one could do without a peel.
- I am looking forward to use it when baking pies, cakes etc. for a better distribution of heat throughout the oven. The bundt cake that I put on the stone to bake (325 degrees) turned out beautiful and had the perfect light crunchy outside and super rich buttery moist inside.
- I've just taken up baking bread too, so I will be able to use it for that purpose too! Super excited!
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Loved the pizza stone was so easy to clean the ...
By Nancy E. Gadbois on January 08, 2016
I wanted to test this pizza stone before I wrote this review. The results are in after 5 uses on my BBQ Charcoal Kettle Grill. My family loves the pizza that we have cooked using this stone. It seems to cook even and lives up to advertised. I was concerned by other reviews that said they had issues with smell or cracking. Perhaps the first use had some slight smell but that went away quickly and has not returned. The ceramic covering I was concerned would be a negative in the cooking of the crust. Rather it has been the biggest surprise bonus. The reason is it creates a non stick surface that helps you easily remove the cooked pizza (sure cheese and sauce will stick, I'm talking about the crust). It also washes off with water and soap ease, there isn't going to be 100 percent clean look but pretty dark close. I've had no issues with cracking and I have made sure to have the stone on the grill when I go to cover the grill to preheat. I've yet to use this stone in my oven but I don't see how it would not have similar results.
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Great stone, Great Seller!
By Kristen Brickner on January 09, 2017
Loved the pizza stone was so easy to clean the pizza had a nice brown crust.
It also gave more even heat throughout the oven on other dishes.
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By Mizz Kitty on June 04, 2017
This is a great pizza stone. I have used it twice so far (Just got it for Christmas) and I'm very happy with it. It seems to crisp the pizza bottom better than my "Pampered Chef" stone, and does it just a few minutes sooner. Although there is some smoke that comes off the stone, it quickly dissipates after opening the oven. I'm hoping that will subside with more use. (I will update this review when I have used it more). This smoke doesn't seem to effect the flavor of the food.

It's easy to clean, just wipe the surface with a damp cloth. It has a nice, smooth surface, which food slides off. Even still, I use parchment paper just for the ease of clean-up.

The seller is very interested in the happiness of the buyer. They sent me an email to let me know the product shipped (the email was clever and funny) and another (equally clever and funny) when I got the stone.

Overall, very happy with my purchase.
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Best Purchase for the Oven!!
By Amazon Customer on November 20, 2016
So far so good with this stone. The first one I order showed up broken. However, I contacted the company immediately, sent it back and within a week I had the new one. I leave this in my oven all the time and it seems to help to even out cooking temperatures. I used to get "hot spots" when I would cook more than one item at a time. Now everything comes out evenly cooked. I would probably go for a bigger size next time. Although this works well for home-made pizza's and frozen pizza's, the deli pizza they have at the grocery stores is just a smidge too big. That being said, the crust still comes out perfectly cooked, even with the little bit of overlap.
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Cooks in less time than other stones, easy clean up with glaze top, and can stay in the oven for storage or help cook other food
By James Ziessler on February 18, 2015
We ABSOLUTELY LOVE this stone! Worked great right first time and have left it it the oven on bottom shelf. Worked great to reheat our homemade pizza from last night and then making some frozen taquitos and mozzarella sticks tonight! We used parchment paper and our pizza peel and that works beautifully!! See pics of both our pizzas top AND bottom were perfect. As other purchasers recommended, we preheated the stone on bottom shelf in oven at 500 degrees for 45 min, then shaped the pizza dough on parchment and used the peel to slide the pizza on the parchment into the oven to cook. BEST HOMEMADE PIZZA EVER! NO MORE PIZZA DELIVERY!!
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Poor packaging, but very nice product
By Kerri A on March 13, 2018
I purchased this stone with a little reservation because of the some of the reviews. This is the first stone I've purchased and I used it for a pizza party and my stone cooked the pizza's in less time, were crispier around the edges and was an easy clean up. So I'm satisfied this stone is an excellent buy. My brother has had a "traditional" colored stone for quite a while and it was really messy looking and looked like it hadn't been cleaned. However, it had been cleaned often, but the stone just doesn't allow for ease of looking clean after cheese has melted on it. I'm very satisfied with my stone because of the ease of clean-up, faster cooking time over other stones, and I can keep it in the oven to help dissipate the heat while cooking other foods. I also used my stone to reheat left over pizza. Oh my goodness, it was great. Microwaved pizza just doesn't get it, soggy crust, limp, uneven temperature. But reheating left over pizza on the stone was like having it the first time. Crust is nice and crunchy, cheese is melted consistently.
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