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LloydPans Kitchenware 10 inch by 14 inch by 2.5 inch Detroit Style Pizza Pan, Pre-Seasoned, Stick Resistant, Made in the USA


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10 inch by 14 inch by 2.5 inch deep Detroit Style Pizza Pan Used by commercial pizzarias Hard-Anodized; Permanent, Stick-Resistant Coating is PTFE Free; USA Made No Pre-Seasoning Required or Recommended, Ready for Baking Pizza Easy to bake with, easy to clean, easy to maintain Heat safe to 700 degrees F

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10 inch by 14 inch by 2.5 inch deep Detroit Style Pizza Pan Used by commercial pizzarias

Hard-Anodized; Permanent, Stick-Resistant Coating is PTFE Free; USA Made

No Pre-Seasoning Required or Recommended, Ready for Baking Pizza

Easy to bake with, easy to clean, easy to maintain

Heat safe to 700 degrees F

Product Dimensions14 x 10 x 2.5 inches
Shipping Weight1.4 pounds
UPC740030992073 793842247022
Item model numberRCT-14926-PSTK
The rating and comments
THIS is the pan you need to make Detroit-style pizza!
By Deanokat on March 13, 2017
10X14 Inch Detroit Style Pizza Pan No Pre-Seasoning Required! Made in the USA. Our exclusive Dura-Kote finish is a permanent, non-toxic, stick-resistant coating that eliminates the need for any pre-seasoning and the hassle of maintaining seasoned pans. LloydPans Kitchenware pizza pans provide an easy release from the pan after baking, are metal utensil safe and are easy to clean. These commercial quality pans are the same that are used in Detroit Styel pizza restaurants and match size specifications of the original blue steel pans. Made in our US manufacturing plant from heavy duty anodized aluminum with DK finish, Detroit Style Pizza Pans from LloydPans will never rust, never need seasoning and will last for years. Dark coated pans tend to produce a little darker crust bake so you may need to adjust your temperature down or shorten your cooking time. Permanent, non-toxic stick-resistant coating for easy release and cleanup. Double thick flat rim adds strength and long-lasting durability. Nesting - 76° angle allows nesting when empty, saving storage space
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If you are even considering Detroit style pizza, get this pan!
By David Pollitt on June 08, 2017
As someone who was born in Detroit and has spent 54.5 of my 55 years in the Motor City, I have had more than my share of Detroit-style pizza. Buddy's is without a doubt my favorite, with its crispy crust that's made even more special by the caramelized brick cheese that seeps between the crust and the pan while the pizza is baking. OMG, it's soooo good!

In fact, Buddy's pizza is so good that I never even dreamed of trying to make anything like it at home. I just didn't think it was possible. But I recently came across an online recipe for Detroit-style pizza and it seemed totally legit. But according to the recipe, I needed a special Detroit-style pizza pan and this one by LloydPans is the one they recommended it. With the blessing of my wife, I took the plunge and ordered the pan. And yesterday, I attempted my first homemade Detroit pizza. Well, I'm happy to report that it couldn't have turned out any better.

The pizza came out of the oven looking, smelling, and tasting about as close to a Buddy's pizza as you could ever get. The crust was absolutely PERFECT and to die for. The edges had just the right amount of crisp to them and I know the pan was largely responsible for this. The bottom crust was the perfect amount of crispy, too. (FYI, to bake the pizza I put the pan on top of a pre-heated pizza stone in a 550-degree oven.) And getting the pizza out of the pan was incredibly easy. All I had to do was loosen the edges with a metal spatula and the pizza slid right out onto the cutting board!

Seriously, I've cooked a whole lot of pizzas at home over the years, both on the grill and in the oven, but this one was the absolute BEST one I've ever made. It was so good that I'm thinking of ordering another pan just so I can make two pizzas at once. Trust me, people: If you want to make a Detroit-style pizza at home, THIS is the pan you need. It's worth every penny and you will be forever grateful that you bought it. Just look at the pictures of my pizza! And watch the video I posted of the pizza cooking. You can hear the edges sizzling!
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Makes a great lasagna pan too!
By Ryan L on May 07, 2017
Excellent quality that produces superior results to all other options, I highly recommend it!

After a few trips to various Detroit style pizza shops, I had to try the style at home myself. I first tried with some smaller 9" round cake pans, and the pizza itself turned out good - but the pizza stuck to the bottom of the "non-stick" pans, and it was quite difficult to get them out with mostly squared off tools. I then moved on to rectangular cake pans that were also "non-stick" but had similar issues with sticking to the bottom and also found that the nearly vertical sides were less than ideal.

Enter LloydPans. I held off from the investment in something that seemingly had a very specific use case, but honestly the results are so phenomenal compared to the alternatives I can't see making this style of pizza any other way. The size is perfect, I get either 6 or 8 slices which is great for my family dinners as well as the common size I like to make for dough balls. The quality of the pan is outstanding - It is very well made and could easily hold up to serious abuse in a commercial kitchen. The real game changer is the non-stick abilities of this pan. You can go ahead and try to burn a pizza in it, but it still won't stick. In addition, the gently sloped sides work to help extract the pizza easier but also form a good angle for the crust to pull away during baking. Overall, I'm very impressed and might even buy a second one to make two pizzas at once when I have friends over.

The recipe I use is from Serious Eats -

300g KA Bread Flour
220g H2o
5g Yeast
9g Salt
Bulk rise for 2hrs
550° for 17mins on middle rack in LloydPan 10x14
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Nice Pans!
By Chuckie G. on July 27, 2017
Great Pan. I've made lasagna with this pan, and it turned out amazing. Crispier top with carmelized tomato sauce. No burnt lasagna pieces on the bottom (sauce on the bottoms before putting noodles. Ended up working better than my 9 x 13 Pyrex as a lasagna pan (I could fit more layers of sauce, noodles and ricotta spread than using my Pyrex). I've left a photo.

The pan made a beautiful golden crust on the bottom. I could have made it crispy brown but opted out of doing. The Detroit Pizza Recipe by Kenji Lopez-Alt was my goto and worked out amazing with this pan.
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Homemade Red Top - Detroit style
By WarmNtoasty in MI on July 03, 2017
Great pan for making that all impressive Detroit style pizza. The angle in the sides really does give the oil and cheese room to interact and bubble up. A complete necessity for the style!
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Wonderful non-stick pan for Detroit style pizza
By Randall A Ford on January 21, 2017
I live in Metro Detroit and have many options for Detroit Style red tops - Cloverleaf, Buddy's, Louie's, Shield's are all a short drive. However, sometimes you just want to make one at home and this pan does the trick. I've made several in this pan as well as some other dishes too that slide right out. This is made in the U.S.A., welded at the seams. It's not blue steel like the originals from the auto factories but it does what it's supposed to and you don't have to season it.
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Best pizza you will get at home and not in ...
By Sandra Desantis on April 30, 2018
While I've only used my pan once, the experience was impressive.

First off, my Detroit style pizza didn't stick at all. I gave it a quick wash with warm soapy water and dried it thoroughly before use, but otherwise only gave it a quick coating of butter before pressing my pizza dough in and had no problems removing the finished pizza after baking.

So, not only did it provide for ease of use, but the pizza it produced as quite impressive. The crust was perfectly crispy as a Detroit style pizza should be, which was great to see since I didn't know how my dough recipe would work in this pan.

I did notice a couple of really small chips in the coating on the rim of the pan, so I'll keep my eye on those with continued use to see if they rust.

Otherwise, though, great pan that performed exactly as it should. I used a metal spatula to remove my finished pizza from the pan and just as LloydPans said, the use of a metal spatula didn't damage the pan at all. Great product, and I look forward to making more pizza's in this pan.
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Great Deep Dish Baking Pan
By Martin Kollman on April 02, 2018
Best pizza you will get at home and not in Italy or New York.
1.Preheat your oven to 550 degrees F.
2. Pour a lot of olive oil in the bottom of the pan.
3. Place dough on top of the olive oil.
4. Place FRESH cubed mozzarella cheese all the way across the dough, making sure the cheese touches the sides of the pan, so as it melts it creates a crunch crust.
5. Place pizza sauce on top of the cheese, sprinkle with a few pieces of basil
6. Bake on the lowest rack of oven for 12-15 minutes
7. Shimmy out with a non stick spatula.
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the most delicious pizza - our new favorite!
By Amazon Customer on March 06, 2018
My mother has a pan about twice this size, but this is more user friendly for a family of 4. I originally bought it to make pizza with a nice deep crust, but it has a lot more uses. Being made of solid steel, it really browns nicely and gives a good crisp bottom to anything you bake. It has become my go to for cinnamon rolls, biscuits or even roasted vegetables. Very happy with it, but make sure you hand wash it and don't use a sharp metal knife, or it will scratch.
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