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Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone


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Baking stone creates restaurant-quality pizzas and breads Bakes up multi-layered crunchy-chewy crusts Absorbs heat and transfers it evenly for a perfect bake Durable, non-cracking; crafted from a blend of lead-free clays Specially engineered Heat Core eliminates soggy centers Dimensions: 14.5" L x 16.5" W

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Baking stone creates restaurant-quality pizzas and breads

Bakes up multi-layered crunchy-chewy crusts

Absorbs heat and transfers it evenly for a perfect bake

Durable, non-cracking; crafted from a blend of lead-free clays

Specially engineered Heat Core eliminates soggy centers

Dimensions: 14.5" L x 16.5" W

Product Dimensions16 x 14 x 0.8 inches; 10 pounds
Shipping Weight11.8 pounds
UPC761995044683 885377400376 761995044676 882565189051 887653293870 885117101082 885108186876 885120911289 735343184383 885431635713 791769552328 885419609071
Release DateSeptember 18, 2003
Item model number4467
The rating and comments
Horrible fumes fill the house
By Lisa on July 29, 2017
Where there’s a party, there’s pizza—and tonight the party’s in your kitchen. It doesn’t matter if the only guests are this Old Stone Oven Rectangular Pizza Stone, a bottle of Valpolicella and you in your finest sweatpants. You’ll be making pizzeria-worthy pies with delightfully textured crusts. In the blink of an eye, this large pizza stone bakes up your dough, draping it in a gooey blanket of cheese you can wrap yourself up in or actually eat. The best part? In addition to being the best pizza stone for your oven, it doubles as the best baking stone for happenin’ bread parties, too.
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Foul chemical smell even after 3 uses and thorough cleaning with water only. Have to throw it away.
By Tom C. on June 24, 2017
Ive had this for six weeks or so. Ive finally had to throw it away. The fumes from this did not go away like some reviews said. I actually think they've gotten worse. Every time I've heated the oven, which is where I've kept the stone, smoke and fumes have been overwhelming. After this fifth time, I'm sitting here with the worst headache and burning eyes. This is not only unusable, but I'm scared these fumes are dangerous.
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Love it!!!
By GCG on July 03, 2017
Unbelievable!! Supposedly the # 1 (Amazon Recommended) pizza stone on is a horrible product or mine is defective. When I preheated it the 1st time to 400, I noticed a foul odor coming from my oven (Like burning glue)...I wrote it off as the curing process...Pizza tasted fine. 2nd time I used it, there was some smoke, and I presumed it was maybe oil from the 1st pizza, but still a foul chemical smell in the smoke. Now heating it up for the third time there is (still) a foul chemical smell so strong, I took the stone out of the oven and cooked the pizza on the rack!! I had to air out my house for an hour. I cleaned it well with water only after my 2nd use and am sure the smell is not from "pizza drippings." Being my third time using the stone, it is too late to return it...(i don't eat pizza every week)...and I threw away the packaging...Amazon if your listening, I would love a response..Bought 4/29/17.
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Wonderful product - would purchase again
By New Jersey on April 29, 2016
I love this thing. I've had it for several weeks now and have used it a number of times for both bread and pizza. This was the last thing I needed to make homemade pizza that I am really happy with. I had been using a metal sheet pan to bake on before this and had always been disappointed with the crust. Not anymore! The item is fairly heavy and well-made. I expect to get many years of use out of it
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The stone actually created a "crust" that looks and behaves like a traditional crust
By sue on November 11, 2014
This is a replacement for our first pizza stone which was dropped and cracked. That stone was about 3/4" thick and about 14' x16". It held up well for years.

Pizza stone rule #1 - always put the stone in a cold oven or grill, then heat the oven.

Advantages of this stone - the ample width and depth make it easy to coax a pizza off a peel and not have to worry about coming to close to the edge of the stone ( as could happen with a round pizza stone.) The description of the stones dimensions on the Amazon website were somewhat vague - ut this this stone is 1/2" thick across the entire stone and then there are raised "feet" that add another 3/8" of an inch in various sections of the stone. The feet make it easy to get grip on it when it is placed on a flat surface and allow air to circulate under it. This Stone produced perfectly done pizza crusts of various thicknesses anywhere between 450 and 550 degrees. The construction allows for level placement on an outdoor gas grill.
Disdvantages - non noted so far.
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Nice size for making pizza and baking multiple loaves of bread
By Lori Belmont on May 10, 2017
Have been experimenting with zucchini and cauliflower pizza crust. The stone actually created a "crust" that looks and behaves like a traditional crust.
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Fabulous Pizza Stone
By Amazon Customer on September 11, 2016
This is the stone that was recommended in artisan bread in 5 minutes and from many pizza people so I decided to give it a try. I have had many pizza stones and this is nice, works well and its a basic pizza stone. I don't see too much difference from the results I got from my other stones, but this one is an easy size to take out and clean. It stains just like any pizza stone but that doesn't bother me, its just a sign of a well baked life!
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No need to think about it. Just buy it.
By PMD on May 18, 2017
I love this rectangular pizza stone which fits perfectly in my Weber Genesis gas grill. It is made in the U.S. of thick lead-free clay and hasn't cracked yet. It is worth every bit of the price. Prior to buying this stone, I used a Pampered Chef pizza stone I received as a gift and it cracked the first time I used it on the grill. This was after heating it the recommended way starting from a cold grill and slowly bringing the temperature up to 550 degrees. It was a clean crack so I lined up the pieces and used it again, but it cracked some more. After that experience, I ordered the Old Stone pizza stone which was recommended by America's Test Kitchen. This stone was substantially thicker and heavier than the other stone and hasn't cracked yet even though I use it several times a week for pizza. It makes all varieties of homemade pizza that is so crisp, delicious and inexpensive that I haven't bought pizza out since making my own. I like the fact that this stone is made in the U.S. out of safe materials. It has discolored in spots due to pizza topping drips, but this hasn't affected the performance or the taste of the pizzas. Clean up is easy, I scrape off any residue with a metal scraper right into the grill which will burn off when the grill is on. When fully cooled, I occasionally rinse the stone with water and a steel scrubby (no soap!) and let completely air dry before using again. Since the stone is thicker, it may take a little longer in the grill to heat up, but I find that after about 15 minutes when the temperature is over 500 degrees, the stone is ready to cook on. This stone really delivers brick oven pizza right at home. I will not go back to store bought pizza ever.
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It it a good thing. It works as intended
By marco on December 04, 2017
I've been using one of those stupid metal circle pizza pans with holes in it and was sick and tired of it sticking and just not coming out right. I decided to pull the trigger on this stone. Pulled it out if the package wiped it off like instructed and pre heated the stone for 30 min and formed the dough. This pizza came out unlike I have ever had before. Amazing to put it simply. I will cherish this stone forever.
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