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11-05-2016 at 17:01:31 PM

 When you successfully order goods on our website, we will immediately send you an email "Waiting for approval". You will receive a second email "Approved-Waiting for a payment" after the order is approved.To successfully completed your order, please make a payment recruiting one of the following payment methods:

    1.Bank Transfer
    A. Please fill your order code in remark box.        Example: ABA mobile app / remark box / fill in your order code: 168AM141016-666    

    B. If you did not fill your order code in a remark box, Please send an email to
[email protected] including "total payment, your order code and name of a payment gateway ".
        Example: Transfer amount $ 456 for order code: 168AM141016-666 by ABA bank.  

        *** Note: If you don't receive a confirmation email - "Paid" -within 6 hours after completing a money transfer, please send us an email to [email protected].com or contact our hotline: 088 599 6168/086 356 168/011622508.


2. Cash at Office
    No.205 Street 208 Boeung Raing, Daun Penh Phnom Penh, 12211

3. Payment at Home- Courier 
    We offer this exclusive service of collecting money at your home, within Phnom Penh only.The service fee $ 2 IS NOT included in the total price of your order. Our courier gives you a stamped receipt collecting the payment.



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