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How to Order Prime Energy Drink to Cambodia?

17-05-2023 at 15:10:22 PM
How to buy Prime Hydration Drink to Cambodia? Let's find out with Fado168.

Prime Hydration Drink
Are you ready to take your energy levels to new heights? Look no further than the
Prime Hydration Drink, designed to ignite your senses and fuel your body for peak performance. Packed with a potent blend of invigorating ingredients, Prime Hydration Drink is the perfect companion for those seeking an extra boost to conquer their day, whether it's at work, the gym, or any other adventure that awaits. With its refreshing taste and powerful formulation, Prime Hydration Drink is here to unleash your inner power and keep you energized and focused. Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to a new level of vitality. Get ready to experience an unparalleled surge of energy with Prime Hydration Drink.

So how to buy Prime Hydration Drink in Cambodia? Let’s find out with

What is Prime Hydration Drink?

Prime Hydration Drink is a range of sports drinks, drink mixes, and energy drinks created and marketed by Prime Hydration, LLC. YouTubers Logan Paul and KSI promote the range. The announcement and the release of the product in 2022 were followed by social media hype associated with these social media personalities, who have tens of millions of followers combined. It was also promoted through mainstream sports sponsorship deals.

The sports drinks, described by the manufacturer as hydration drinks, comprise 10 percent coconut water and contain electrolytes, B vitamins, and BCAAs. The manufacturers state that this product version has zero added sugar or caffeine and has around 20 calories per bottle. It is sweetened with acesulfame potassium and sucralose, like many other sugar-free drinks. Sports drink flavors are blue raspberry, grape, ice pop, lemon-lime, meta moon, orange, strawberry watermelon, and tropical punch. The Prime Hydration Drink, which was launched in 2023, contains 200 mg of caffeine. The flavors are blue raspberry, lemon-lime, orange mango, strawberry watermelon, and tropical punch.

Prime sponsored Timmy Hill's number 13 car for the NASCAR circuit. In July 2022, Premier League club Arsenal announced a joint marketing agreement with the company, with Prime becoming the official sports drink supplier for the club. In their official statement, they said it meant they have "access to talent and footballers, which they do leverage in some of their marketing."

In January 2023, the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) announced a joint marketing agreement with the company, with Prime becoming the official sports drink supplier for the mixed martial arts promotion company. In February 2023, Prime was promoted in a Super Bowl LVII commercial. In April 2023, the Los Angeles Dodgers announced a joint marketing agreement with the company, with Prime becoming the official sports drink supplier for the baseball team.

Where to Buy Prime Hydration Drink?

If you are wondering where to buy Prime Hydration Drink, will suggest you some websites:

+ Prime Hydration Official Website

+ Amazon

+ eBay

+ Asda

+ Walmart

+ Vitamin Shoppe

+ Etsy

How to Buy Prime Hydration Drink?

There are many ways for you to buy Prime Hydration Drink. However, these websites mentioned above still need a shipping policy to Cambodia. That is why you should use Fado168’s buying service; we will buy Prime Hydration Drink and ship it to Cambodia for you. The process is easy, all you have to do is send us the product’s link, and we will handle the rest: from the order and custom clearance to delivery to your address in Cambodia. 

Step 1: Go to the websites mentioned above and copy the product’s link

Step 2: Send the product information via the website, email, or Facebook fan page

+ Paste the product link on this website:  

Once you've pasted the link, complete the necessary information and send it to us. Your product's price quote will be sent to you in 10 minutes.

+ Email

Please send the link and the product information you want to buy via email to [email protected], and we will provide the quotation back.

+ Facebook

You can also send messages via the Facebook fan page:  

Following that, customer support will provide the estimate and take you through the following stages.

Step 3: Register a shopping account and select one payment method

After agreeing with the price we sent, you will continue your order by registering a shopping account at:

Once you've registered your shopping account on FADO168, you can quickly pay for your orders to Cambodia. In detail, you will choose the payment method.

Check the payment methods that we offer.

Step 4: Tracking your products

After completing the preceding stages, there are two primary ways to verify your orders:

+ After visiting, logging into your purchasing account, and receiving the package's tracking number, you must navigate to the "Tracking order" page and input the code.

+ Email [email protected] to notify the tracking number and for more instructions. 

Step 5: Receiving the goods

As soon as the goods arrive in Cambodia, you will receive an automated email notifying you of their arrival. In detail, the email will contain all the information about the goods and shipping costs (excluding domestic delivery charges).

Finally, the delivery staff will call you before shipping to your address in Cambodia.

Buying Process

If you have any question, please contact:

+ Email: [email protected]
+ Tel: 088 599 6168 - 086 356 168 - 011 622 508
+ Facebook: