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How to Order Japanese Goods from Japan to Cambodia at Fado168

27-12-2023 at 16:50:37 PM


Japanese products are still among the top goods loved by Cambodian consumers from the past to the present since they focus more on quality. From small items such as towels, and cosmetics, to electronics and household goods like computers, refrigerators, air conditioners,... all ensure good quality and high durability.

However, it is difficult for global customers to buy directly from websites in Japan. Therefore, the service of ordering and purchasing Japanese goods was born to help customers order Japanese products right in Cambodia. So how do you order Japanese products and have them shipped to Cambodia? Let's learn in this article with Fado168!

Reasons Why Japanese Products Are Popular


One of the reasons why Japanese products are loved the most is because of the excellent product quality. In the world market, Japan is considered the most strict country in the production process of any product, because all Japanese domestic goods are produced on strict production lines with strict standards. Not only that, the products must also go through a quality safety inspection process before reaching consumers.

Besides, a factor that cannot be ignored comes from Japanese culture. Famous as a country with hard work and perfectionism, Japanese people always want to create the highest quality products using the most advanced and modern technology.

Furthermore, the word "Trust" is always given top priority by the Japanese, so when any problem occurs with the product, they always openly admit their mistakes, apologize to customers, and take appropriate compensation measures.

Difficulties When Ordering Japanese Products to Cambodia


Thanks to their durability and outstanding quality, Japanese goods are increasingly widely used in the market. However, buying Japanese goods for Cambodian consumers still faces many difficulties and challenges.

Because the demand for Japanese items is increasing, currently the Cambodian market offers many products labeled as Japanese domestic products. However, the widespread situation of fake and counterfeit goods makes it very difficult for consumers to own genuine products.

In addition, you can also buy Japanese products by asking relatives and friends who are living in Japan. However, this method has the limitation that it can only buy a small quantity of goods, the volume is compact, not too bulky, and the processes are also very complicated.

To overcome those limitations, you can completely order Japanese products with just a few simple clicks through Fado168, a company specializing in purchasing and shipping goods from Japan to Cambodia.

Order Japanese Products Safely and Simply with Fado168

  • Step 1: Copy the product’s link.

Go to the website you want to buy and copy the product’s link.

  • Step 2: Send the product information via the website, email, Telegram or Facebook.
+ Website

Paste the product link on this website:

Once you've pasted the link, complete the necessary information and send it to us. Your product's price quote will be sent to you in 10 minutes.

+ Email

Please send the link and the product information you want to buy via email to [email protected], and we will provide the quotation back.

+ Telegram

You can also send messages via Telegram:

Following that, customer support will provide the estimate and take you through the following stages.

+ Facebook

Inform the product you want to buy via Facebook Messenger:

  • Step 3: Select one payment method.

After agreeing with the price we sent, you can quickly pay for your orders. In detail, you will choose the payment method.

Check The Payment Methods Fado168 Offers.

  • Step 4: Tracking your products.

After completing the preceding stages, there are two primary ways to verify your orders:

+ Visit, log into your account, to receive the package's tracking number, you must navigate to the "Tracking Order" page and input the code.

+ Email [email protected] to notify the tracking number and for more instructions.

  • Step 5: Receiving the goods.

As soon as the goods arrive in Cambodia, you will receive an automated email notifying you of their arrival. In detail, the email will contain all the information about the goods and shipping costs (excluding domestic delivery charges).

Finally, the delivery staff will call you before shipping to your address in Cambodia.

→ Click HERE to see full of our services.

Why Choose to Buy Japanese Products through Fado168?

Millions of customers have trusted and chosen the service of purchasing Japanese goods through Fado168, because:

  • Purchase from the correct source, product, quantity, and attributes according to customer requirements.
  • Order right after the customer deposits and submits the request.
  • Fast shipping from 10 - 15 days.
  • Costs are clear and transparent, no additional or hidden costs arise without the customer's consent.
  • Modern purchasing system, customers actively track the goods route on the system.
  • Professional team of consultants that are dedicated to supporting consumers promptly resolve arising issues.
  • Commitment to transporting goods safely and intact, with insurance to compensate 80% or 100% of the order value.
  • Support to complain to the supplier if the wrong goods are sent or there are problems with the goods.
  • Support finding reputable sources of goods for free, home delivery in Cambodia.

Top 5 Genuine Domestic Japanese Shopping Websites

Amazon Japan


Amazon is an online shopping website loved by consumers around the world with genuine products. Up to now, Amazon has been present in many countries such as the USA, Canada, the UK, Germany, France,...

In Japan, Amazon is considered one of the four largest e-commerce websites and has manyr of users. has a friendly interface, and diverse and abundant goods for customers to freely choose from such as fashion, clothing, cosmetics, electronic goods, consumer goods, books, games, and many other goods,... In addition, Amazon Japan also regularly has many promotions to help consumers have many chances to own the best quality products.



In Japan, Rakuten is one of the four largest e-commerce platforms. Rakuten is a brand trusted and chosen by many retailers and customers.

With a variety of items in different fields such as fashion, consumer goods, entertainment, electronics, food, etc. You can search for any item on this Japanese shopping website. Up to now, this system has been extremely developed, with nearly 50% of the Japanese population purchasing products in Rakuten.

Yahoo Japan


Yahoo Japan includes two websites: Yahoo Shopping and Yahoo Auctions. Yahoo Auctions is considered the largest and most prestigious daily auction platform with more than 35 million second-hand products traded here every day. 

Yahoo Shopping is an online shopping site for goods such as Amazon Japan, Rakuten... Goods on Yahoo Shopping are highly appreciated for their quality and variety of designs. At Yahoo Shopping you can buy any item based on your preferences and style. Therefore, in recent years, Yahoo Shopping has attracted a large number of consumers around the world.



Mercari is an e-commerce platform that provides second-hand items at extremely attractive prices. Today, Mercari has developed on both IOS and Android platforms, helping users experience more convenient and easier shopping.

When shopping on Mercari, you can find and order any item you like. Although the items here are used, the quality is excellent. Not only that, you have the complete chance to own all the rarest items or limited edition products, which are almost impossible to find on the market or other websites.


Officially launched in 2004, Zozotown has become the largest online fashion retail website in Japan. If you are a Japanese fashion lover, you should not miss this website. There are countless types of Japanese fashion with a variety of big and diverse brands for all ages and genders.

If you want to know more about Japanese shopping websites, here are the TOP 30 TRUSTWORTHY WEBSITES FOR ONLINE SHOPPING IN JAPAN.

This is a summary of information on buying Japanese goods as well as an introduction to the service of purchasing Japanese items at Fado168. If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us for the fastest support.

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