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How to order from Jomashop to Cambodia?

20-04-2023 at 11:00:13 AM
People who wish to purchase numerous well-known brands from across the globe now often use Jomashop. If you want to buy Jomashop but need help with how to do so, read this post right now!

Jomashop is a well-known and beloved name among shopaholics, including Cambodian consumers. Buying on Jomashop can be easy with a bit of guidance.

This article answers all your questions and guides you toward the best way to shop on Jomashop!

Why are Jomashop's shopping needs increasing these days?

Shopping online is getting bigger and bigger these days, just like our needs as customers. They want to buy local stuff and check out cool new things from famous brands abroad. So, Jomashop came to life and became super popular, even in Cambodia. 

So, what is Jomashop?

Jomashop was introduced to the market in 1987, and for over 30 years from that on, it has been building a premier online shop and selling some of the most sought-after luxury and fashion items to customers around the globe. In 2022, will be ranked #143 in the Fashion market (United States).

However, Jomashop is an entirely legit and legal company, although it is not an authorised seller. They operate as a "grey market" dealer that buys and sells stock from authorised dealers, or the goods from Jomashop are from deals with authorised dealers. Because the retailer does not have to follow the rules of a brand to sell at a retail price, buyers can purchase products from them at a lower price.

By offering the market new, authentic products with a Never Pay Retail attitude, Jomashop can maintain its customer base and attract more loyal buyers. Especially this platform, on special occasions, has also generated a lot of vouchers and coupons. Besides, if the good is available, you can also haggle with the high acceptance opportunities.

Why Jomashop's products are preferred?

There are a variety of advantages to purchasing things from Jomashop

  • Authentic, high-quality products from multiple brands with slash prices.
  • Public price on the website, which helps customers buy items easily.
  • Customers may find various coupons and discounts to take advantage of.
  • The website has a streamlined UI and convenient payment options.
  • To distinguish their warranty policy, Jomashop has declared that the agreement for each watch they offer may be up to 5 years.
  • Always have several various available products for customers who prefer to immediately. 
  • Free shipping, exchange, and return costs. 

Jomashop has positively impacted shopaholics and provided a welcoming shopping experience for their community because of these qualities. 

How to order Jomashop to Cambodia?

The development of Jomashop has also contributed to the increase in online orders, and it's worth mentioning that FADO168 is one of the standout sites providing excellent service. 

How "excellent" is FADO168?

First and foremost, FADO168 is a platform specialising in ordering and shipping products from all over the world to Cambodia, such as shopping from Australia, Germany, the US, and Japan,... 

With the help of FADO168, you can look forward to enjoying low prices and a host of other benefits, including:

  • EASY SHOPPING: Ordering or sending the link is all it takes, and FADO168 will take care of the rest.
  • DIVERSITY PAYMENT: Multiple options to make diversity payments: via bank account, through Wing, or pay directly at the company.
  • FREE DELIVERY: FADO168 will offer free delivery in Phnom Penh and home delivery to other provinces in Cambodia.
  • SUPPORT 24/7: Always available to provide the best support whenever needed. 

Fado168 Buying Process

Step 1: Copy the product link on Jomashop

After choosing the product you want on, copy the product link.

Step 2: Send the product information via the website, email, or Facebook fan page


Paste the product link on this website:

Once you've pasted the link, complete the necessary information and send it to us. Your product's price quote will be sent to you in
10 minutes.


Please send the Jomashop link and the product information you want to buy via email to [email protected], and we will provide the quotation back.


You can also send messages via the Facebook fan page:

Following that, customer support will provide the estimate and take you through the following stages.

Step 3: Register a shopping account and select one payment method

After agreeing with the price we sent, you will continue your order by registering a shopping account at:

Once you've registered your shopping account on FADO168, you can easily pay for your orders to Cambodia. In detail, you will choose one payment method, such as ABA Bank or Wing Bank. 

Check the payment methods that we offer

Step 4: Tracking your products

After completing the preceding stages, there are two primary ways to verify your orders:

  • After visiting, logging into your purchasing account, and receiving the package's tracking number, you must navigate to the "Tracking order" page and input the code.

  • Email directly to [email protected] to notify the tracking number and for more instructions. 

Step 5:
Receiving the goods

As soon as the goods arrive in Cambodia, you will receive an automated email notifying you of their arrival. In detail, the email will contain all the information about the goods and shipping costs (excluding domestic delivery charges).

Finally, the delivery staff will call you before shipping to your address in Cambodia.


FADO168 will satisfy you as it offers numerous benefits and provides top-quality products at the most affordable prices. Please feel free to contact us at your convenience! We would be delighted to answer any questions or provide additional information. 

Insurance policy

Important Note

  • We do not take any responsibility when consumers provide erroneous customer codes, improper shipping addresses, or false information about the item(s) they are shipping.
  • Types of products to be insured by Glasses, Phones, Laptop, Tablet, Watches, Camera, Lens, Jewelry, Cosmetics, etc.

Voluntary Insurance Plan

  • 2% of an insurance rate: Payment of 2% of the value of the product(s) being shipped.
  • Compensation Level: 100% of the value of the missing product(s) (USD 3,000 maximum).

Read full Fado168 Insurance Policies here.


If you have any questions, please contact:

Email: [email protected]
Tel: 088 599 6168 - 086 356 168 - 011 622 508